Another Day in Tamale

My Ghanaian Reality: Yet to be determined
March 10, 2007, 2:27 pm
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After several amusing misadventures, I am at last seated comfortably on the plane heading to Accra, Ghana; however, the reality of what is to come for the next year remains difficult to grasp. During the last few months I have been frustrated that I could hardly picture myself in Ghana, let alone fathom living there for 13 months. I kept rationalizing that the actual situation would surely sink in once I went to training in Toronto, or when I was in the throes of packing my 28 kg bag (what? there are kilogram restrictions on baggage?) and, if not then, at the very least I hoped that once I was seated on the airplane, reality would find me.

However, right at this instant, as I bite into a salt covered almond and wash down that familiar taste with a sip of water, I remain unable to picture my destination. Perhaps my imagination or creative abilities leave a little to be desired, or perhaps this is simply normal. In my experience, I have found that I can only imagine and picture what I see, hear, feel and experience. If you’ve never read a book or heard a story about a foreign place – how would you imagine it?

Of course, there are endless ways of imaging a place as well as perceiving it. I simply want to emphasize that the way I perceive and relay information back to you from Ghana will not necessarily be the way Ghanaians would perceive it or the way you might perceive it if you were here. Also keep in mind that many subtleties and nuance present in verbal language are lost when communicating in writing, reducing their clarity. So, if you have questions, ask, and with all this said, I am excited to share a bit of my Ghanaian reality with you. Akwaaba (Welcome)!

Hope everything is well wherever you are.